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Caravan Transportation, Inc. Orlando Bus Charter Specialist; make your charter bus experience safe, affordable and comfortable.

You can access our website for a quote 24 hour a day.

We will respond to the quote as soon as possible.

Our coaches are licensed to go out of the state of Florida.

We do have a few policies that we adhere to.

Prepayment of moves is required unless direct billing has been preapproved.

No alcohol is allowed on our coaches.

We expect you to treat our coaches with respect. If the coach is in need of additional cleaning a cleaning fee will apply.

We require your final itinerary 24 hours in advance of your move.

For all moves, we adhere to the DOT driving regulations of no more than 10 hours of driving in a 15 hour on duty period of time.

Privacy Policies

Caravan Transportation, Inc. Orlando Bus Charter Specialist:

To learn more about our marketing efforts and so we can continually improve providing you with outstanding service, we keep track of how many visitors we have to our website and where they visit us from the web. We do not capture your personal information unless you give it to us for a quote. We do not share or sell your information.

Spam Policy

Caravan Transportation, Inc. does not send spam. Ever. In fact, we deplore spammers; We are committed to doing everything in our power to minimize the impact of spam on Caravan Transportation, Inc.. We absolutely do not sell or distribute for our own financial gain any merchant or customer e-mail addresses.

Please be sure to maintain a valid e-mail address with us as well as for automated e-mail receipts. Incorrect e-mail addresses generate "bounced" emails, which are one of the criteria used by ISPs to identify spammers, and can lead to Caravan Transportation, Inc. e-mail not reaching its intended recipients.